Illustration by Pierpaolo Rovero Paris Plays Jazz highlighting people dancing on the roof

Paris Plays Jazz: Pierpaolo Rovero illustration

“Imagine all the people” illustration series, a tribute to John Lennon’s song.

It’s a project by Pierpaolo Rovero, one of the most popular artists on Instagram.

From Torino to Paris, Madrid, London, Beirut, Istanbul, Mumbai, Las Vegas, New York, Quebec City, back to Rome and Florence,

these unique artworks share intimate stories and digital masterpieces brought to life after the quarantine Covid-19 situation.

Being an opera singer and a fan of music illustration, I thought to reach out to Mr. Rovero in the Italian language and this is the English translation of the interview.

Italian illustrator Pierpaolo Rovero
Pierpaolo Rovero – Italian Illustrator

Born in Turin in 1974, Pierpaolo Rovero lives in the same city where he works as an artist.

In 1994 he began to collaborate both as an artist and as a screenwriter for the Walt Disney Company.

At the same time, Pierpaolo publishes several comic books in France, Holland, and Belgium, including the noir series “Malone” (ed. Casterman) based on the novels of Michel Rio.

He is the author of television commercials and short animated films.

Since 2007, his artistic works have been exhibited in various galleries in Italy and abroad.

He is a teacher at the Academy of Fine Arts in Turin. His style fluctuates between graphics, painting, design illustration, and comics.

How did you become an illustrator?

I let my passion guide me.

I simply tried not to lose the joy I felt as a child in front of a drawing or design.

Illustration by Pierpaolo Rovero holy monsters books
Holy Monsters Illustration

What is the story you’d like to share from Torino with the world?

I would like to tell the story of how it is possible to travel with our imagination at any time and condition.     

So, in the middle of the pandemic, I left Turin for a trip around the planet, dreaming of a world where everyone can live in peace.

Illustration by Pierpaolo Rovero Quebec City celebrates Christmas

How was living in Italy inspiring your artwork and creativity?

As an Italian, I feel proud of two historical legacies: the Baroque art and Renaissance era.

In almost every major Italian city, you can breathe in the architecture and artistry of these two eras.

It is a great Beauty, capable of regenerating the spirit.

Today there are expert Italians in fashion and design who inevitably influence my vision.

Florence Illustration by Pierpaolo Rovero Firenze Cooks

Your newest artwork “Paris plays jazz”, how much did it take to finish it? Which steps do you usually follow to revise and complete an illustration?

There is always a detail, a small touch to adjust before delivering the final illustration.

In the end, I force myself to finish the work, but I admit it’s always a struggle.

Illustration by Pierpaolo Rovero Paris plays Jazz

Between Jazz and classical music, which is your favorite genre?

When I draw, I always think of the emotion that the music transmits to me.

Jazz is sparkling for me, like a bottle of champagne. Classical music is enveloping, like a glass of fine wine.

There are times when I feel I need the energy of jazz and other times when I want to immerse myself in classical music.

Illustration by Pierpaolo Rovero Paris Ballet ballerina looking at a wall painting
Paris Ballet

What is your advice to aspiring artists to overcome today’s struggles and is there any alternative to save the art?

Today more than ever, we need to have three qualities: patience, perseverance, and passion.

Only in this way of thinking, we can overcome the difficulties.

Save art?

Yes, it is possible only if we understand a profound truth: it is the art that saves us.

Illustration by Pierpaolo Rovero Paris Plays Jazz highlighting people dancing on the roof and musicians playing
From the illustration “Paris Plays Jazz”

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